SUPPORTING CREATIVITY: an Interview with Cult Sisters' Erin Terror for Ravenous Zine




In Ravenous Zine Volume II: Sisterhood, Cult Sisters' Erin Terror discusses the importance of Sisterhood in rediscovering the creative process with Editor-in-Chief, Mallory Lance.

The Sisterhood volume is full of practical tools for creating meaningful women’s gatherings and nourishing your support network. Featuring multiple beautifully photographed recipes, how-to-guides, interviews, and writing on themes relating to sisterhood.

Get your hands on a copy, and get inspired.



6.15.2018 | Ravenous Zine Volume II: Sisterhood Release Party 

In Attendance: Mallory Lance of Ravenous Media; Erin Terror of Cult Sisters; Natalia Moscoso of Mother Night Jewelry; Sarahbeth Eve Linden of Tower NYC; Rachel Watson of Sister Wolves; Amy Nichols of Namesake Vintage & Kathleen Scudder of Heavy Eyes Design Studio  + more.

Erin Glaser