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I’m Erin Terror, Owner, Designer and Creative Director of Cult Sisters. I built Cult Sisters out of a desire to create thoughtful, high quality, handcrafted pieces of jewelry to fit my slightly dark and wild aesthetic. When I began designing for Cult Sisters, I drew from the cultural identity wellsprings I felt closest to: witchcraft and fantasy, the supernatural and the occult, Heavy Metal and Rock n’ Roll.

As a one-woman-run small business, I recognize the need for a strong community of women to support each other in our pursuits. Since launching Cult Sisters in 2014, I've been particularly fortunate to have cultivated relationships with fellow female creatives, from authors to photographers, to musicians to artists, to craftspeople who have become my muses, collaborators, and brand ambassadors.

The name “Cult Sisters” represents my intention that my customers, supporters, and collaborators are all members of a sisterhood I am building through my art; my pieces are badges of membership. I am endlessly inspired and humbled to design and produce wearable talismans my Cult Sisters draw power and inspiration from, and treasure as investments in their identity. And I am forever grateful.

Thank you for choosing Cult Sisters. Welcome to The Sisterhood.