Thank you for visiting the shop! Before committing to your purchase kindly take note of our policies outlined below. By placing an order you agree to Cult Sisters' Terms & Conditions.


Production Time:

Cult Sisters jewelry is an independently run business. Each piece is handcrafted and made to order. Depending on the piece, production turnaround time is approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Cult Sisters works with a small, family-run metal casting company in New York City, along with a variety of other small-scale suppliers, who work extremely efficiently. Kindly note, however, that unforeseeable and uncontrollable delays in the production process can sometimes occur. Should a production delay occur, Cult Sisters will notify you at the first opportunity.



Cult Sisters ships via USPS Priority Mail. Your order will ship within 2-5 business days from production completion. You will receive a tracking number once the order has been sent out. Cult Sisters is not responsible for any loss or theft of your package once it has been shipped. Kindly include a secure shipping address with your order.


Returns, Refunds & Exchanges:

Given Cult Sisters' made-to-order production process, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns, nor can we offer refunds, or exchanges. Please make your purchase commitment process a thoughtful one, as we are very firm with these policies.

For rings, please be sure to order the correct size. To determine your ring size, we recommend visiting a local jewelry store and having them measure your ring size for you. If you encounter any ring sizing issues after receipt of the order, Cult Sisters may be able to assist you with resizing for an additional fee. Kindly e-mail cultsistersnyc@gmail.com to discuss resizing options.

Cult Sisters stands by the quality of our products, and we want you to be happy and comfortable making your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns before or after placing an order don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Should an order arrive damaged, kindly e-mail cultsistersnyc@gmail.com within 2 weeks of receipt.


Wear & Care:

Cast Metal Pieces -

Most Cult Sisters cast pieces are available in either white bronze or solid sterling silver. Please note that white bronze is an alloy comprised of varying combinations of copper, tin, and zinc. If not cared for properly, white bronze may begin to oxidize, and has the potential to cause slight skin discoloration on some skin types (when in direct contact with skin). To reduce these possibilities, it is recommended that you avoid contact with liquids and perspiration while wearing your adornment.

Kindly note your cast pieces may darken naturally and develop a patina with wear over time. We personally prefer this effect as it makes each Cult Sisters piece unique to the wearer, however, some wearers prefer to retain the piece’s original luster. Should you opt to use a jewelry cleaner or polish, please be sure to first test it on the underside of your piece to ensure the metal reacts well.

Leather Goods -

If not treated with care, leather products may become creased, scuffed, or misshapen. To avoid the possibility of altering your leather piece in an undesirable way, we recommend that you store it neatly when not being worn.

Kindly note, our leather pieces will naturally soften and stretch slightly over time with wear. If you decide to use a leather conditioner, it is recommended that you test it on a small area first.


Gifts & Time Sensitive Purchase:

If you are purchasing a time-sensitive gift, please contact us in advance, or include a note in the comments section of your order so we can work on getting it to you in a timely manner.


Thank you for taking the time to ready through our Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions kindly let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. As a small, independent operation, we greatly appreciate your cordiality, respect, and patience in handling any matters that may arise.


We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you.